Giving Status
Makes secure payment transaction through merchant
Processes transaction and settles funds
Receives next day funding
Receives large % of processing fees from total monthly transactions
Collective Bargaining
Reduced Sales Cost
Mission Driven

NGOs, Charities and Non-Profits
Require Continuous Funds to Operate

$390+ Billion

Annually, total private giving from individuals, foundations. and businesses totals $390 billion in the US.

$439+ billion

Operating expenses for US based NGOs currently exceed $439 billion per year.


50% of US Based nonprofits are operating with less than one month's cash reserves

Our Merchants Help Non-Profits Thrive

The Philanthropay Model

-Meet or beat current merchant account rates.
-Zero out of pocket expense up front or monthly.
-Compatible with all business types and systems.
-Approval, set up and seamless integration in days.
-Merchants securely accepts all card and payment types.
-Large % of merchant fees donated monthly to an NGO.

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We Keep Your Transactions Secure

Philanthropay provides secure and reliable transaction processing and cross-compatibility with most systems industry wide. Merchants securely accept credit and debit card brands, gift and loyalty cards, EBT and much more!

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Philanthropay Works for All Business Types

Whether you're a new or established business, Philanthropay can be easily be integrated into a variety of POS systems, gateways and terminals.

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Philanthropay is a socially conscious financial services company with over 30 years of experience dedicated to the support and betterment of non-profit organizations (NPO’s) through networking and innovation.



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